roxie tree


This is a piece made to honor a very beloved elementary teacher upon retirement, Roxie Lehl.  The idea is a fanciful tree with objects hanging from it.  the object range from things that are ‘roxie -like’ or related to books/teaching/learning. there are two shelf areas that children could prop a favorite book they think everyone should read or where a new book could be displayed for all to see.  If the children put a book up, they could write a small review or reason why it should be read.  the ‘trunk’ is steel so the reviews could be put up with a magnet.    The tree is approx  6 ft high and   4 ft   wide.  with a low center of gravity so it is stable.   The intent was a whimsical, joyful way to help spark creativity and to  see things in a different light and with the book shelf, read something you might not otherwise pick up.