Women Who Weld

Sharon Warman Agnor, Wendy Armstrong, Jennifer Corio, Terry Marvin, Kathy Willson, Sumi Wu

Women Who Weld is a cooperative group of artists who specialize in welded metal sculpture.  It began as a informal group who found a common interest in welded metal.  The group met during sculpture classes at Clark College in Vancouver Washington, taught by esteemed artist Elizabeth Heron, and soon discovered that a shared passion for welding created a strong friendship.  

Meeting regularly to share ideas and techniques also provided each other with artistic support.

Besides cooperating to enhance individual artistic paths, the group also created collaborative artworks.  The first piece had each artist bring a 12 x 12 quilt square, metal replacing fabric, which was then turned into a large hanging "quilt".

The group then went on to collaborate on Pillars of Fulfillment, a memorial sculpture honoring the life and work of WSU Vancouver professor Lori Irving.  It is a sculpture made of five bronze pillars, each side representing a different facet of Ms. Irving's life, but also universal to all women.  It is located on the WSU Vancouver campus 'art walk'.

The most recent piece, Wendy Rose, resides on the Columbia River Waterfront Trail, in Vancouver, WA. very near the old site of the Kaiser Shipyards.  It is appropriate as Wendy Rose commemorates women who worked in the shipyards during World War Two. While Rosie was a riveter of airplanes, Wendy Rose was a welder of ships.  

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